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Donors and Supporters

The Kay Mason Foundation and the KMF scholars are extremely greatful for every donation we receive.  Every donation helps us to faciliate effective high quality programmes and to sponsor more scholars to attend a quality school.  All our donors, big and small, are very special and we say "Thank you!" to all!

We, the KMF, will show our appreciation to all supporters as follows:

  • Donors will be given an opportunity to interact directly with the scholars they support and receive regular updates from scholars on what is happening in their lives;
  • We will place the donor’s logo/name on the KMF website with a hyperlink to your website;
  • We will place the donor’s logo/ name in the KMF Annual Report. Our newsletter and Annual report gets circulated to a network of high net worth individuals around the globe - from HRH the Prince of Wales to David Gilmore of Pink Floyd to South African Business leaders and cabinet members;
  • Each donor will receive a biannual KMF newsletter and KMF Annual report; and
  • Each donor will be awarded a donor certificate and we will supply 18A tax certificates for all monetary donations.