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A volunteer is “a person who voluntarily offers himself or herself for a service or undertaking” or “a person who performs a service willingly and without pay”.

This definition is a hundred percent correct - it however does not include that a volunteer is an extraordinary and very special person. Yes, every person who decides to volunteer has a different reason why they want to do so, but every volunteer still gives of their time, skills and effort free of charge to assist someone by sharing their skills and time.

Here at the Kay Mason Foundation we are extremely grateful for the wonderful volunteers, who so magnanimously give their time and skills to assist our organisation and the KMF Scholar beneficiaries. We currently have a very small staff compliment (3) and as in most Non Profit Organisations there are numerous priority areas which require attention, time and management on a daily basis - too much for three people to cover. We truly appreciate our volunteers who play an integral part of our operations.

Volunteers from the United Kingdom

Alexandra Zintl

Alex studied philosophy and is now living in London while working in a law firm and leading the London Kay Mason Foundation project.

“Having moved to England from South Africa when I was twelve I have so enjoyed reconnecting with South Africa through the Kay Mason Foundation. There is so much energy and promise in the youth of South Africa which the Kay Mason Foundation helps to realise.”

Hannah Verena              

Hannah was born in Germany and is studying for a Masters degree in Global Politics at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

“Having been to South Africa various times, I have great respect and love for the beauty of the country and its people, and would like to use this opportunity to show my support – by helping bright young people reach their full potential through education, as it can open each and every door and lead to the fulfilment of dreams."

Faye Patterson

Faye is from Northumberland in the North-East of England and currently lives in London. 

“My mum grew up in Johannesburg and I’ve loved becoming involved in the Kay Mason Foundation and strengthening my connection to South Africa. Every child is born inquisitive and its heartbreaking to think of a child who is unable to pursue their path due to a lack of funding for education.”



Volunteers from South Africa

Maureen Ebdon

Maureen, mother of two beautiful daughters, Holly and Claire, is a SAP Project Manager with a passion for teaching maths and a God-given skill for making maths concepts easy to understand. With two friends who teach maths at a well-respected southern suburbs school assisting her to keep abreast of the maths framework and syllabus, her voluntary pledge is to teach mathematics to KMF scholars on Saturday mornings (teaching two Grades for a total of 4 hours).

“I believe all of us who have had the privilege of quality education have a duty to pass it onto others who are willing and able to learn, but find themselves in challenging, sometimes disadvantaged school circumstances. In addition, because of lacking basics in most subjects, especially mathematics, I believe students cannot be given the chance of a better education at a quality high school without additional support.”

We are extremely grateful to Maureen who is a true example of giving-from-the-heart. Her gift will last a lifetime to many young developing leaders in our country.

Our needs

The KMF would like to extend an invitation to everybody with a desire to contribute, to contact us. We have a special place for everyone and our volunteers are making a meaningful impact. We would specifically appreciate the support of somebody who is computer savvy and knowledgeable about social media and who has a few hours to spare every week or every second week.

Should you wish to receive any further information about the KMF, please contact Noëline de Goede at 021-917 1853 or e-mail info@kmf.org.za


To be a volunteer at the Kay Mason Foundation you only need to be willing to share your time, skills, expertise and knowledge and you should have a passion for children and youth.
Volunteers from abroad should have a volunteer visa in order to volunteer in South Africa. We also accept interns. If you plan to be in South Africa for less than 90 days you do not require a visa.

Volunteers do not receive remuneration but by law we can reimburse volunteers for direct expenses incurred for the volunteer duties. Volunteers are responsible for their own accommodation.

If you are interested in volunteering at the Kay Mason Foundation please send an e-mail with your CV to Noëline de Goede at noeline@kmf.org.za